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When you sign up using the link below, top producing real estate broker and High Level expert, Patti Sampson, will guide you and provide you the knowledge and content you need to help grow your real estate business or agency.

Don't start from scratch! Get it from the Pro who knows real estate and how to leverage High Level to help you earn unlimited income.

Patti Sampson - Associate Broker | Top Producer
Best-Selling Author

High Level Expert | CRM & Workflow Strategist

Patti does an exceptional job on guiding you step by step on getting the most from your CRM. She is honest and very responsive. Highly Recommend!

~ Lisa Alford


The Premiere Real Estate Agency Solution!

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Hi, It's Patti Sampson

Patti Sampson, a multi-million dollar producer. Patti is also the author of the best-selling book for agents "Drip Campaign Secrets." She is also the owner of High Level Agency, EngageMorePRO

Patti has spent over 20 years perfecting the follow-up game as an agent/broker and has been training and coaching real estate pros all over the world to understand the power of their CRM and the importance of why the Money is in the Follow-up.

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Main Gig or Side Gig...

Ready to Excel with High Level for Real Estate?

I understand the passion and drive you have...
but guidance is key.

Wanna start working with Real Estate professionals, but are clueless on how or where to start?

Get ready to get informed in the real estate niche!

Wondering "What do agents need?" and "How can I make money helping real estate agents?"

The real estate industry is not like other sales niches. Our sale's pipeline can be years and years and, as agents, we get tons of confusing advice that nearly never works.

Trust me... don't sell to agents unless you can help agents to implement. They won't stick around and you will waste a ton of time with little income. Learn what to offer and how to help them. That's where I come in.

Why get my help? Because I live it daily as an Agent and a CRM Agency Strategist!

I've been in this industry for over 20 years working in every CRM out there. Agents are lost when it comes to lead gen and conversion. You can help guide them out of the marketing and lead conversion madness!

The Real Estate business is challenging, but there is huge income potential... so it's worth it to learn it, to earn it.

Every professional needs a coach, not just a course. Let me be your coach and content provider!

You need someone who has been there and can guide you on the right questions to ask and the right steps to take. Especially when it comes to working with the real estate niche...it can be challenging knowing what to say, what to do, and what to create so you reduce churn and start earning real income helping agents.

Get all this Real Estate Content, Coaching, & Training
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During your trial you get all of the following Bonuses loaded into your High Level account:

  • 1 lead Magnet Buyer Guide and the matching Buyer guide landing page funnel for the real estate niche

  • Get 1 Month of a year long Buyer Campaign nurture drip campaign workflow to use with your landing page

  • Get 1 Month of a year long Buyer Re-Engagement drip campaign workflow to re-engagement old buyer leads

  • Get all of the real estate Custom Fields, Custom Values, Tags and Sources

  • Join Patti's training and coaching group to learn how to implement and grow your real estate niche business

  • Start marketing and/or using the bonuses to prove it works!

When you start paying for your monthly or annual High Level Account, you'll get even more! Including real estate website templates, tons more engaging email & text templates, long-term workflows for all lead types, lead capture landing pages, AI prompts for chat widgets, real estate opportunities and pipelines, as well as onboarding tips and advice AND access to Patti's private member's group...in addition to everything above!

OPTION 2 - Resell EngageMore PRO (powered by High Level) for Real Estate and Earn 30% recurring

Don't want all the hassle of doing this yourself but want to earn helping the real estate niche?

Make it easy to earn in the real estate niche or supplement your current offer and become an affiliate seller of Patti's High Level Agency "ENGAGEMORE PRO". You can earn 30% recurring income reselling EngageMore Pro! Check it out at EngageMorePRO.com

OPTION 3 - Get a Customized Snapshot for the Real Estate Niche from Patti

Already have an upgraded version of High Level and just want to to tap into Patti's huge snapshot library, including real estate responsive lead nurturing workflows, lead capture landing pages and lead magnets, AI chat widgets, training or coaching? We can customize a snapshot for you that focuses on the real estate niche to help or supplement your current agency business. Learn more and schedule a call with Patti in the link below.

OPTION 4 - Save time, Energy and Money and simply Sign Up for an EngageMore PRO account

Are you an Agent, Team or Brokerage that would like to get all the benefits of the All-in-One Platform, without all the hassle of building it yourself? We offer individual agent team and brokerage plans. Visit EngageMorePRO.com to learn more and sign up.

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What our Customers are Saying

Patti shows you how to put your CRM to work for you so you can close more deals! I have been with Patti for many years now, and I love how she is ready to help!

Gaye L.

CRM's can be very intensive, lots of moving parts and a learning curve to get the most out of them. Patti is so good at education, she spends a lot of time trying to make the CRM user friendly.

Debbie D.

"With 17 years legal experience, and over 20 years experience as a top-producing agent (yes, I'm old but experienced... LOL), I have helped thousands of real estate pros to learn and implement their software to lead capture, nurture & convert. I am ready to help you grow your business too!"

Earn unlimited income in the real estate niche. I offer help in a number of ways!

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